Which leader do you admire the most?

A great question, that I was asked this week and it made me think a bit.

Initial thoughts turned to famous leaders. No answers there for me.

Perhaps leaders of the highest growth companies, the ones that made the most profit or do amazing things ? Nope.

The leader I admire the most is the one who knows their gifts and understands them well. But they also learn what gets in their way, their hinderances. Then they work hard on these hinderances, knowing that it is critical for the wider team to reach their maximum potential. Whilst doing a busy job they will take time to coach and develop others around them, working in their style rather than the leaders own chosen one.

Those are the leaders I take my hat off to and admire the most.

Come to think of it, those are also the leaders I work with who have the fastest growth companies, make the highest profit and do amazing things. Funny that.

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