Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Whether you're just stepping up to your first Senior Leadership Team position, or perhaps a more experienced Leader that is stuck and wants to grow, we can help unlock your potential.

Are we born leaders ? No we don’t think so.

Sometimes you are good at doing something, you excel further, then the business grows and you end up in a leadership role.

Perhaps you are the successor in the business, understanding it can be done differently to how it has been by Mum or Dad, but unsure of what great looks like.

Or maybe, like I used to, you simply suffer from imposter syndrome.

It’s a big shift to move from creating, producing and delivering in a role to delegating this to others, and using your time to lead. To move from “player to coach” is a totally different mindset.

The danger is it’s all too comfortable to jump back in and work in the business, when you know that you need to work on the business and create a compelling future.

We know that this leadership lesson can’t be learnt in a classroom, it’s a journey.

It all starts with a chat so we can map out where you are exactly on that journey. We will then work together and build a tailored plan to guide you and develop your leadership skills. Most importantly we will help you find confidence, your own leadership voice and place in the business, by working with you one to one.

Read here how Helen & I have help nurture others on their leadership journey.

A few clients we've made whole again.

I’ve been running my business that has grown over the last 10 years to over 60 staff. I have no previous experience of management and leadership and so I’ve tried to learn as much as I can through courses and reading books, but nothing can come close to what I’ve learned working with David and Helen.

I’ve been coached by David for over a year now and I’m really proud of what the business has achieved in this time. David is non-judgemental and very trustworthy, two important attributes that make him an excellent coach, especially when you are opening up about your weakness and areas you want to improve. He also offers practical advice from his own experience that has been really useful in tackling a number of issues.

— Jack Dale

Managing Director Wrendale Designs Ltd

I am privileged to have been working with Helen over a number of years and in a couple of different senior management roles. Her ability to enable self-reflection and challenging conversations, while remaining empathetic and authentic, is impressive. Helen’s coaching approach has facilitated a number of performance management and change initiatives, and her insightful and sensible attitude has assisted to steer both individuals and teams through challenging situations. Helen’s positive persona and can-do outlook consistently empowers personal growth and encourages self-development, and never starts from a deficit-based perspective.

— Eric Baumgartner

Dean University of the West of Scotland

When your Dad has grown a big business from scratch, it feels a huge responsibility to follow in his footsteps. I didn’t have much experience of people management or leadership and 3w Growth really helped me fill the gaps I had. I feel much more confident about my personal style and am happy to ask others to step in and help where I am not so strong and focus on what I am good at.

3w really helped me manage our business growth 50% over 12 months – a real challenge in my first year!

— Dan Butt

Managing Director Butt Foods Ltd