Tailored Team Development

We know that just telling someone what to do won’t help them grow.

High impact learning delivered in your business, with content focused on your business challenges and opportunities. Experiential, practical and fun. Saves time and gets results.

Our most booked Team Development Days -

Leading My Team

Whether you are an experienced Team Leader or new to it, you will come away from the day knowing how to manage your team much more effectively.

Leadership Retreat

A two day intensive retreat for your emerging leadership team. Find your Leadership Team’s strengths and development areas, find your unique voice as a leader, understand where you are on the journey from Managing to Leading and how to build a high performance team. Leave with a personal development plan and lots of tips from experts who have walked in your shoes.

Discovering Team Effectiveness

We work with your team to understand themselves better, help the team understand their strengths and weaknesses and create a plan to deal with them. We help your team understand how to best communicate with each other and what their unique value is they bring to the team.

All done in an experiential, fun and engaging way over 3-4 hours - tailored to address any particular team challenges you face.

Discovering Sales Effectiveness

We work with your sales team to improve their ability to build relationships quickly and effectively, exceed their sales targets and learn to be more effective at every stage of the sale. You will leave the workshop with an individual action plan to achieve your sales potential.

Have development needs ? Need a Leadership or Management programme for your team or business- then get in touch and learn how we have helped others like you.

Away Days

An Away Day that sparkles

We design and facilitate Away Days for organisations throughout the East Midlands, our clients have included D2N2 LEP, Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce, Westbourne School and a number of private businesses.

So whether you want to review your vision, strategy, or simply align and bond your team better, get in touch to talk to us - so you can participate in it and we will look after everything else!

A few clients we've made whole again.

Tim & David delivered Leading My Team with my managers and supervisors. They loved the course as it was practical and delivered in a really engaging way. They came back with all the latest ideas at how to get much better results from their teams and for our business, I would highly recommend it.

— Sam Pask

Managing Director Grantham Engineering

David has provided senior management at The Food and Drink Forum with 'A Performing Team' training. The training was interactive, fun and enjoyable. David uses his business experience and knowledge to ensure the learning outcomes can be used in a practical way within our business. I thoroughly recommend David to any business looking to improve staff performance.

— Andrew Collinson

Operations Director The Food and Drink Forum